Lightbeam Technologies Custom Rendering Product Solutions

Standard (floating-point and interger-based) render nodes
Lightbeam custom analyzes and hand-builds every single rendering and/or transcoding or calculation node based on the needs of the customer.  Customers can recoup the cost of the equipment in as few as nine days over cloud rendering solutions.  Sound impossible?  Ask up to prove it to you with the numbers and math.

GPU (vector-based) Render Nodes
Lightbeam makes powerful GPU nodes that allow up to four GPUs in a single node. Every GPU node is researched and built by hand for our customers based on their needs.

Hybrid nodes
We can also create a custom solution for your production that allows for scalable GPUs and powerful rendering in an all-in one solution.  This includes direct Terapod™ custom integration and is designed and built on a case-by case basis.
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