Terapod™ Storage FAQ

The most common questions asked about Terapod™ Storage
What is Terapod™ Storage?
The Terapod™ storage solution is a highly scalable, simple, affordable and modular approach to store and manage data.  One of its greatest strengths is the incredible speed and performance with each storage node, allowing for an extrmely flexible platform for backup and recovery that has simply not been possible through other solutions.
Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM. Why would we use you instead of them?
What does the Terapod™ system work with to achieve such high performance and reliability?
What are the best uses for Terapod™ storage?
How come other large brand-names storage approaches are so much slower and more expensive?
We have a complicated setup. We need expert advice. How can you help us?
What else can you do with Terapod™ storage nodes?
Can this storage be used in a regular office?
Can Terapod™ storage be used for backups also?
Where do we get more information on how Terapod™ storage could work for us?
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