Lightbeam Terapod™ Enterprise Storage

Terapod storage can transfer up to 6 gigabytes per second (6GB/s) to the network and between each Terapod storage node.


Terapods have been extensively tested and proven in hundreds of feature films, television shows, and sports venues around the globe.

Terapod storage solutions are about one-third the cost of most Enterprise storage solutions, delivering up to a 20x speed increase.

A revolution through evolution
Lightbeam Terapod™ Storage may just be the most revolutionary idea in Enterprise storage in years.  Terapod™ storage uses open standards for easy simple expansion up to 8.4 petabytes on a single server.  Terapods are incredibly fast, up to 6 gigabytes per second for each node.  And, they have been tested in use for hundreds of feature films.

Simple, extensible architecture based on open standards
A single Terapod Storage controller supports up to 28 Terapod Storage Nodes. Optional networking up to 100Gb/s available.  A single Terapod storage controller can store up to 8.4 PB of storage. Terapods create an extremely clean, easy to troubleshoot and expand architecture that uses a fraction of the space that our competition uses.

Extremely fast (up to 20 times faster than most Enterprise storage)
Terapod storage is extremely fast, up to a staggering 6GB/s (6000 MB/s).

Uncompromising Quality
Built with full industrial-grade standards that ensures build quality for many years.  Engineered and tested to last, with easy servicability.

Very customizable
Terapod storage solutions are extremely versatile, you can add your own asset manegement software, as well as your own VMs and custom software without worrying about compromising your production environment.

NO SSDs or NAND flash, ever
We never use SSDs or NAND-based memory due to their write limitations, which can cause a catastrophic failure and provides no real-world performance benefit. 

Proven in extensive use and testing
Terapods have been used for hundreds of films, and Lightbeam has had a role in over 220 feature films, several sports venues, broadcast centers and production facilities.

Multiple methods of recovery
Terapods are designed with recoverability in mind.  Our approach allows multiple recovery methods, is simpler to implement than most solutions, and is by far one of the highest quality approaches.  Hot-swap drive replacement is extremely simple with no down time.

Uncompromising installation, audit and review process for an epic outcome
Lightbeam works with your system engineers and installation technicians to carefully review and audit to look for any potential issues before an installation is done. This includes a review of the network switch, the connections, the module adapters, the network protocols and the workstations on the network.

No sales confusion
We are proud to keep our products simple without overcomplication.  No confusion, no complicated excuses, ever.  We provide a fast, scalable product that far exceeds the minums (and maximums) of our competition.

Step 1: Select your Terapod™ Controller Appliance

Lightbeam Terapod™ Storage Controller Server Appliance
The Terapod™ Storage Controller Server Appliance connects the Terapod™ Nodes and network.  A single Terapod™ Storage controller appliance can manage up to 28 nodes.  A single dedicated SAS RAID card can support up to 7 Terapod storage nodes with a dedicated SAS switch.  The appliance itself can contain up to 4 dedicated SAS RAID cards, allowing for any type of connectivity from the server.


  • Supports up to 28 Terapod Storage nodes on a single controller server.
  • Interconnects between server and storage nodes support up to 6GB/s transfer speeds
  • Full 12GB/s full-duplex SAS interconnects between Terapods
  • Can be upgraded to 3U or 4U form factors (on request)
  • Network interface options at 10Gb/40Gb/50Gb/100Gb
  • 12Gb/s SAS RAID controller card with write cache capacitor protection
  • Supports up to 4 SAS controller cards
  • Support for RDMA and SMB Direct (Windows Server 2016)
  • Option for Linux/CentOS support
  • Hot-swap power supplies for quick servicing
  • Hot-swap hard drive bays for quick HD boot volume replacement
  • On-location spare parts kit included
  • 3-year warranty with optional 5-year support extension
Form Factor:
  • 2U (optional 3U and 4U available on request)

System Specifications:
  • Dual E5-2650V4 Processors, 24 physical cores
  • 128GB DDR4 RAM (up to 512GB RAM)
  • RAID 6 boot drive (separate from Terapod nodes), quad 2TB volumes
  • SFP+ dual 10Gb network card
  • Windows Server 2016 (option for CentOS)

Optional Upgrades:
Contact us for any special requests.  Our framework is extremely flexible and we can also recommend solutions for your specific needs.
  • 12-Port SAS switch (required for three or more Terapod nodes)
  • 40Gb/s QSFP+ Networking (up to 5GB/s to switch)
  • 100Gb/s QSFP+ Networking (up to 5GB/s to switch)
  • SMB Direct/iWarp

Step 2: Select your Terapod™ Storage Node

Lightbeam Terapod™ Storage Node
Connect up to 28 storage nodes on a single server.  Terapod™ nodes can connect up to 6 gigabytes per second of data between each node for quick backups, asset management, and serving the network.

Technical Specifications
Note:  Terapod™ 360 model will be available late summer 2017.  Please contact us or a reseller for questions.

  Terapod™ 120 Terapod™ 180 Terapod™ 240 Terapod™ 300 Terapod™ 360
Capacity w/RAID 6 120 TB 180 TB 240 TB 300 TB

360 TB

Unformatted Cap. 128 TB 192TB 256TB 320 TB 384 TB
Rack Space 3U 3U 3U 3U 3U
SAS Ver. 12 Gb/s SAS 12 Gb/s SAS 12Gb/s SAS 12GB/s SAS 12GB/s SAS
Drives 32 3.5" SAS 32 3.5" SAS 32 3.5" SAS 32 3.5" SAS 32 3.5" SAS
Fault Tolerance RAID 6 RAID 6 RAID 6 RAID 6 RAID 6
Max. Performance 6000 MB/s 6000 MB/s 6000 MB/s 6000 MB/s 6000 MB/s
Dimensions 3U rack height, 17.2" x 31.3" x 5.22", 438mm x 795mm x 132.5mm (all models)
Power Supply Dual 800W High efficiency (85% @115V, 12A full load) redundant switching PSU (all models)
SAS Connections 4 Mini-SAS HD SFF8644 48 Gb/s connectors, 6 GB/s maximum total transfer speed per node (all models)
Accessories 1x bezel, 1x SFF8644 cable, 2x power connectors, 2x spare hard drives (all models)
Warranty 3-year next-business day support; support kit included. Options for 5-year NBD and same-day support available.
SKU TN120S12/C TN180S12/C TN240S12/C TN300S12/C TN360S12/C

Step 3: Networking and Accessories

Finding the right switch
Lightbeam has many options for switches, all based on open standards.  Please contact us or one of our resellers for questions.  We have many different approaches to specific setups.  This is just one example, but one we really like.
  • Brocade 40Gb QSFP+ or 100Gb QSFP28 uplink with either 10GbE RJ45 of SFP+ network connectivity.
  • QSFP+ or QSFP28 uplink optic module
  • Dell Z9100-ON Series top-of-rack switches (requires optic modules)
  • Arista 7060X Series top-of-rack switches (requires optic modules)
  • Juniper QFX5200 Series top-of-rack switches (requires optic modules)
  • Cisco Nexus 3232C Series top-of-rack switches (requires optic modules)
Network interface connectivity
Terapod™ nodes can interface with many types of networks.  We highly recommend RDMA and SMB for ease and performance, but we can also work with others as well. Below are some examples of outstanding NICs.
  • Chelsio T62100-LP-CR 40/50/100G dual-port PCIe 3.0 x16 Low Profile Unified Wire Adapter
  • SM40G-SR/LR: 40G short/long reach QSFP optical module
  • SM100G-SR/LR: 100G short/long reach QSFP28 optical module
  • QSRCABLE10M: Fiber Optic cable for 40Gb and 100Gb, 10M
SAS Expansion Switches
These 1U units allow up to 7 Terapods to connect to a single dedicated RAID controller card, and keep all the interconnects using one high-performance protocol: SAS.
  • Lightbeam A54812-SW 1U 12-port SFF-8644 Mini SAS HD switch

Custom Power Solutions

Enjoy having one of the fastest editing and compositing direct-attached solutions in the world
Terapod™ Storage nodes can also be used in a very special way with multiple GPUs as a single workstation that can edit, color grade and composite 4K, ultra-high definition assets and high frame rate footage without hesitation.  Lightbeam is expert at custom production, so please contact us for questions.
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