Lightbeam Technologies Custom Workstations

Custom designed for your needs
Lightbeam custom deisgned and architected, hand-built workstations that work like no other.  They are extremely powerful, highly versatile and one of the most useful tools you will ever have at your disposal.

Custom Terapod integration for ultimate playback speed
We can integrate our extremely high-performing Terapod™ storage nodes into your workstation for editing, compositing and hybrid GPU production.  Every workstation is made to order.  Please contact us for questions.

Ultimate local render solutions
Our workstations can be made to also work as local rendering solutions.  This is ideal for one-person operations or small highly-focused production groups.

Solutions faster than 12 gigabytes a second and above
Lightbeam's extensive experience can even create solutions that can deliver 12 gigabytes of data per second or even higher in certain conditions.  These are highly custom solutions.  Please call us and tell us about your needs to see if we can help.

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